Why Phil Kessel should be U.S. president

Not happy with the choice of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in Tuesday’s U.S. presidential election?

Have no fear, Phil Kessel is here.

Pittsburgh Penguins’ defenceman Kris Letang posted an interesting Instagram photo on Monday, indicating his new political leanings:

We know Kessel isn’t actually running for president — and that the majority of people reading this can’t vote — but in the spirit of Tuesday’s election, here are five reasons why Kessel deserves your vote.

He speaks his mind

After Team USA made a disappointing run in the 2016 World Cup of Hockey, Kessel didn’t hold back. Like any great candidate, he just wanted to be heard and filtered his thoughts on Twitter.

With over 76,000 retweets and 141,000 likes, Kessel understands the strategy and power behind social media during important times. 

Phil’s got powerful friends 

Connections, connections. These days it’s all about who you know. Lucky for Kessel, he knows one of the most powerful men in the world. After the Pittsburgh Penguins won the 2016 Stanley Cup, U.S. President Barack Obama welcomed and congratulated the NHL team on its achievement. 

You know they’re friends when Obama gives Kessel his own personal shout out. 

A truly patriotic candidate 

Kessel made his Team USA debut in 2006, competed in three world championships (2006, 2007, 2008) and played in two Olympic Games (2010 and 2014). 


Phil Kessel is probably thinking, “USA! USA!”

There’s no doubt Kessel represents his country well. After John Tortorella left him off the 2016 World Cup of Hockey roster, many fans were unimpressed with the coach’s decision. 

Leads by example 

It’s not always easy being the bigger person, but Phil takes on that role.

Most of the time.

After the Toronto Maple Leafs traded Kessel to the Penguins last year, the safe bet was that Kessel was one unhappy guy. .

But instead of firing back at an often unhappy fan base in Toronto, he was the bigger person.

But when he won the Stanley Cup in June, Kessel showed his new allegiance.

Plenty of admirable qualities 

The Pittsburgh Penguins put it best: Nice guy. Tries hard. Loves the game. 

It’s a winning slogan. 

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